The Regulations

The Packaging Regulations currently affect around 5000 businesses with a turnover of £2m+ who also handle more than 50 tonnes of packaging per annum. These businesses are required to register and provide data on packaging supplied – or face criminal prosecution. There have already been many successful prosecutions of companies that did not fully comply with the legislation.

This brief guide is intended to give an overview of the implications of the Packaging Regulations on businesses, and outline what obligated businesses will have to do to comply. This is certainly not intended as a comprehensive guide, and it is highly recommended that further information is obtained from DEFRA and the Environment Agency.

The Rules Summarised

You are likely to be affected by these regulations if:

  • You or your group company's turnover exceeded £2 million in the previous calendar year.
  • You or your group company handles over 50 tonnes per annum of packaging materials and/or packaging.
  • You perform a relevant packaging activity as listed below.
  • You own the packaging.
  • You supply to another stage in the packaging chain or to the end user.