Career Opportunities

Working at Mid UK Recycling

A major driver to the success of a company is the people it employs. Here at Mid UK we recognise that our people are our most valuable asset in all aspects of work carried out. We seek to employ people who are highly motivated, honest and dedicated to the development and improvement of our Company.

In return for your commitment and dedication to the Company we offer a dynamic, busy and interesting working environment. We seek to promote from within and are always pleased to develop individuals who show interest and promise for the future.

Employment with Mid UK Recycling


All employees will receive an induction relevant to their role. It is important that as a new starter you feel integrated within the Company, understand the Health and Safety requirements of both the Company and yourself and receive all the equipment required for you to operate safely and in comfort.

Training and Development

We will regularly review individuals' training needs to ensure you are adequately trained for your role and are able to develop your career opportunities and skills to advance.

Employee benefits

We acknowledge and value the worth of all our employees by offering a competitive salary.

Employee involvement

The Company is committed to communicating information to all employees through a variety of methods. All employees' contributions to the decision-making process are highly valued and we operate an employee staff suggestion scheme whereby an employee receives a voucher for generating the best idea.

Environmental and Health and Safety Awareness

Promoting and safeguarding our environment along with providing employees with a safe environment to work in, is of paramount importance to the Company. We expect all our employees to act with consideration for their surrounding environment and to take care and be vigilant when considering Health and Safety issues.

Customer service

We consider customer service to be fundamental to our success. We operate to the highest standards and expect our employees to be committed to customer service which includes all site users and ultimately, all our customers. It also includes your colleagues who are internal customers and equally reliant upon and expectant of your services.


The Company is committed to ensuring that its employees are well trained for their job within the organisation and also to developing the career opportunities and professional skills individuals require to advance themselves.