Biomass CHP

Renewable energy

CHP Plant

Cost effective low carbon electricity

Mid UK Recycling's CHP turn biomass waste wood into electrical energy and ensure that there are no harmful emissions.


low-grade life expired "timber" (wood) MDF, chipboard, plywood, painted wood, laminated wood etc as well as clean timber such as old pallets and off-cuts from timber manufacture.

Caythorpe CHP plant

CHP Plant

Production:- 3MW or 20,000MWhr per annum.

Fuel Source:- Over 30,000 tonnes per annum of low-grade life expired "timber" (wood)

Legislation:- Fully licence WID compliant plant with live time monitoring.

ROCS compliant 1.5 ROCS per MW hour

Zero to landfill

It is our stated aim to make the general environment a better place by reducing the reliance on fossil fuel for energy, reducing transport movements and eliminating landfill.

CHP Plant

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