Corporate and Social Responsibility Policy

Mid UK Recycling Ltd is committed to meeting the following aims:

  • Regularly monitor and review performance and set clear objectives and targets to ensure continuous improvement in health and safety, environmental and welfare performance and quality service provision.
  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment and augment positive impacts whilst taking all necessary steps to prevent pollution.
  • Minimise the risks of accidents and incidents which might threaten the well being of our employees, customers and contractors by ensuring all activities are carried out safely and in accordance with the Company's separate Health and Safety Policy.
  • Indentify and implement health and safety, environmental and welfare service quality improvement schemes to the benefit of employees, customers and stakeholders wherever possible.
  • Use energy and natural resources more efficiently and encouraging the development and use of alternative fuels and recycled products.
  • Promote and encourage waste awareness and prevention, re-use, recycling and good practice.
  • Adopt a genuine partnership approach in delivering quality service solutions.
  • All operating units will have appropriate arrangements and resources in place to implement clear management responsibilities and documented procedures.
  • Identify and comply with all applicable legislation, including environmental, health and safety and other requirements including recognised industry best practice.
  • Require all employees to be aware of their responsibilities for health and safety, environmental and quality issues.
  • Provide training, information and support for all employees to fulfil their obligations and gain a better understanding of the Company’s commitment, Policies and Programmes and to develop and enhance their careers and personal development in line with Company objectives.
  • Proactive consultation and dialogue with the public, stakeholders and employees on the Company’s environmental, health and safety performance and service quality.
  • This Policy Statement is periodically reviewed in order to ensure continued suitability and to identify and fulfil opportunities for improving effectiveness.