Energy management policy


Mid UK Recycling Ltd. recognises that, as a major user of energy – both diesel and electricity, it has an important role to play in helping to tackle climate change by minimising its CO2 emissions. We are committed to responsible energy management and the highest standards in energy efficiency. It is in the Company's best interest to reduce the amount of money it spends on energy, releasing funds for other purposes. At the same time, reducing energy consumption helps the Company to reduce its environmental impact.


As a key element of the Company’s Environmental Policy, and consistent with the Company’s wider objectives and the resources available, the Energy Management Policy aims to:

  • reduce fuel consumption through the introduction of energy-efficient measures
  • increase awareness of energy issues and encourage all employees of the Company to help reduce energy consumption whenever they can
  • ensure that the highest energy-efficient design standards are included in all new buildings
  • wherever possible, obtain energy from sustainable sources.

This Policy has been prepared by the Management Team of the Company and endorsed by the Board of Directors (25th January 2011). The Board has overall responsibility for the policy and strategy; the Management Team is responsible for its delivery.