Environmental management policy

At Mid UK Recycling our policy is to achieve zero landfill with all incoming materials being re-used, separated into distinct recyclable products, recycled or recovered for their energy content. We consider all the materials that we handle have an intrinsic value as a secondary resource.

In order to achieve our vision we have invested heavily in infrastructure, plant, equipment and human resources. This investment is on-going and enables our customers to reduce their environmental impact through our recycling and energy recovery activities.

The challenge to improve our own and our customers' environmental performance is increasing but we have already achieved a great deal. In 2009, we recycled and recovered 87,387 tonnes of material and landfilled only 5.85%. We also generated 2.5MW of electricity from our partners gasification plant where 7,600 tonnes of wood was received for conversion into energy.

2009 saw important achievements in the areas defined by us as contributing to our sustainability:

  • People: we have improved our training and overall health and safety standards.
  • Professional: we enhanced our service and are seeking planning approval for new facilities.
  • Investment: we have invested millions of pounds in new plants, to improve safety, and to expand the operational capability of the business
  • Environmental compliance: we continue to achieve high standards of compliance and to cut our carbon emissions by reducing diesel engine usage and utilising electrical power wherever possible.

Mid UK Recycling will be producing an Environmental Report on an annual basis and this will provide a clear overview of our environmental performance and show our total commitment to sustainability and to supporting our employees and our customers as we strive to achieve success.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs