Agricultural Waste Recycling


A simple transparent
service at minimal cost
or free of charge

Agricultural Waste Recycling Group has been recycling agricultural and horticultural waste for over ten years and has been involved in the Agricultural sector for more than 85 years.

Our total waste management operations have been established directly from our experiences in owning and operating farming businesses and we have seen growth due to the requirements of the EEC Waste Directive.

With experiences in the waste recycling sector for more than 11 years and the group presently processing and recycling more than 350 000 tonnes per year, we offer the farmer extensive knowledge, advice, value and professionalism.

Agricultural Waste

Our Agricultural Waste Management System complies fully with the Environment Agency and the EEC Waste Directive.

  • NO subscription or management fees.
  • NO charging by the cropped acre.
  • Full producer assurance scheme compliance.
  • NO acreage or by the bag charges.
  • More than 11 years experience of recycling agricultural waste.
  • 100% recycled and recovered guaranteed!

We have 85 years of history and experience in the farming sector. We have operated for more than 11 years ("NOT here today, gone tomorrow!").

It is a simple, fair system, giving the farms and growers peace of mind.

Why recycle?
  • Reduce your waste disposal costs.
  • Save money.
  • Save resources by maximising recycling.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Assurance for our collection service.
Why choose Mid UK Recycling?
  • Reliable service.
  • Zero to Landfill.
  • Full traceability and audit trail.
  • Fully licenced facilities.
Industry Accreditations