Other Materials
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Other items

  • Tree guards.
  • Plastic pallets.
  • Empty IBCs.
  • Redundant stocks. Empty polythene or polypropylene film and bags, HD bottles.
  • Plastic pipe.
  • Documents for confidential destruction. Old files, office documents, etc.
  • Waste oil.
  • Asbestos.

Mixed up poor quality material

Unfortunately, incorrectly sorted materials may incur charges if materials are all mixed together, as manual sorting and increased processing is required. We fully understand where the materials are coming from. Inevitably, we accept a small amount of water and dirt. However, significant quantities of water, dirt, mud, straw or dung and excessively wet or contaminated plastic therefore will incur a minimum charge of £70* per tonne to enable extensive sorting and processing (guaranteeing zero landfill, 100% recycled / recovery).

For materials such as tyres, hazardous waste, veterinary items, waste oil, asbestos sheets, AI gloves, batteries, etc.

Please ring head office for information and advice: Telephone 0800 148 8080

Wooden boxes, pallets, etc: £25* per tonne. General waste, non-hazardous: £80* per tonne.

* Prices can be subject to change - please call to confirm.

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