Inert waste

Skips, roros, bulk, or

Mid UK Recycling has comprehensive licenced facilities allowing us to accept and treat an extensive range of inert & contaminated soils, tarmac, planings and ballast.

  • Inert MRF
  • Screening cleaning
  • Mixing
  • Dry
  • Crushing

Aggregate and soil recycling is a major step in creating a sustainable way of preserving resources.

Inert waste recycling from Mid UK Recycling creates a sustainable way of preserving resources.

Our services provide an effective cost-saving means of handling inert waste types, maximising recovery whilst creating satiability.

Increase your business efficiency and make cost saving.

Due to our facilities and collection fleet waste can be collected or delivered to our site at times that suit the customer. The right container in the right place at the right time. Scheduled or call off services tailored to the customers' needs.

It's a straight forward solution to reduce your waste handling and disposal costs.

Mid UK Recycling produce a comprehensive range of high quality aggregate based materials and recovered soil, used in restoration schemes and construction projects across the midlands.

Our collection fleet of over 60 vehicles, provides a full range of waste containers, including all skip sizes, roro's, tippers and walking floors.

Customers can alternatively deliver to our facilities themselves.

Why recycle inert waste types?
  • Reduce your waste disposal cost.
  • Save resources.
  • Maximise recycling & recovery.
  • Helps minimise your environmental impact.
  • Improve resource efficiency and helps reduce your carbon footprint.
Why choose Mid UK Recycling?
  • Our services, experience and facilities allow your waste to be handled & processed into re-usable commodities or even a source of energy.
  • Reliable service.