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Municipal Solid Waste recycling with Mid UK Recycling is guaranteeing 100% landfill diversion.

Mid UK Recycling is totally committed to zero landfill, proving a cost-effective solution to recycling and recovery for all our clients. Whether it's a public customers' one off skip, council contracts or multinational blue chip organisations, we still achieve 100% recovery.

Sustainable cost-saving partnerships are the future for our resource and energy requirements.

Our MT technology uses the heat generated naturally during treatment to dry and stabilize the input waste. It therefore requires no external source of heat and has relatively low energy requirements. Huge amounts of recyclates including cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, aggregates, wood and metals are extracted and separated from the dry and stabilised waste. All remaining residual waste material then enters the Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) production plant for further processing into a high quality specification renewable fuels.

UK service area

Our collection fleet of over 60 vehicles, provides a full range of waste containers, including all skip sizes, roro's, tippers and walking floors.

We have three tipping facilities for mobile compaction, skips, rolonoff services and on-site static compaction.

Our innovative approach and forward thinking and investment ensures that you can take advantage of the most practical and sustainable waste management solutions available today in the UK.

Zero landfill 100% recycling and recovery.

Why recycle MSW?
  • Utilising our services & facilities, you can avoid landfills, saving you money - "no landfill tax".
  • Increase your productivity & efficiency.
  • Tailored services to meet your needs.
  • Improve resource efficiency and help reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Improve your environmental image & performance.
  • 100% recycling & recovery helps minimise your environmental impact.
  • Save resources.
  • Maximise recycling & recovery.
Why choose Mid UK Recycling?
  • Unique solution.
  • Total solution and service back up.
  • Sustainable outlets and processes.
  • Closed loop recovery & carbon offsetting.
  • Increased energy security, sustainability and affordability through the production of green energy and heat.
  • Full duty of care and audit trail.
  • Fully licenced and permitted facilities.