Plasterboard & Gypsum recycling

Plasterboard & Gypsum recycling

Let us help to reduce your tipping costs!

  • 100% recycling and recovery for all plasterboard and gypsum based wastes.
  • Zero landfill guaranteed.
  • Recycling performance reporting with a full audit trail.
  • Integrated logistics.
  • Supply of accredited recycled gypsum based products.

Mid UK Recycling Ltd have been successfully providing environmentally sound and cost effective plasterboard and gypsum recycling solutions for well respected and environmentally responsible companies throughout the United Kingdom for over 10 years.

Uniquely Accredited:-

With our own fleet of over 60 vehicles including skips, rolonof's, tippers and walking floors we can offer a quality nationwide plasterboard recycling and gypsum waste collection service under ISO 9002 assured accreditation. With a network of audited and proven waste transfer sites we are able to offer local service providers with the benefit of national economies of scale. The service is highly cost effective and fully auditable. We are unique within the industry as we can offer a truly PAS109 accredited audit trail.

Our Customers:-

The facility is designed to service a wide range of end users including plasterboard distributors, drylining contractors, waste management companies, councils, developers and construction companies. We also accept a wide range of industrial gypsum wastes including filter media and industrial by-products. We can guarantee to recycle and recover 100% of all waste plasterboard. Our plant is capable of accepting all makes and types of waste plasterboard. We also have high tolerance to moisture and contamination, especially from demolition and skip hire companies.

Our large scale bulk plasterboard recycling and gypsum recycling department is located at our fully licensed purpose built 25 acre facility near Grantham just off the A1 in West Lincolnshire. We can accept deliveries 7 days per week if customers wish to deliver direct.


Our unique plasterboard recycling technology allows all unwanted waste to be reprocessed into a usable, sustainable and environmentally positive raw material for a range of alternative markets. We offer a wide range of gypsum based products that are utilised in the cement industry, the plasterboard industry and a wide range of niche and unique industrial solutions.

If you generate waste plasterboard or gypsum waste and would like to discuss how we can offer a secure long term, cost effective and an auditable disposal route at a very attractive price then please contact us on freephone 0800 310 18 15 to discuss your plasterboard and gypsum recycling needs.