Green Waste & Composting

Green Waste & Composting

Mid-UK Recycling operate a dedicated composting site at Honey Pot Lane, near Colsterworth, Grantham. Here, each year we process 25,000 tonnes of green waste into compost. Mid-UK Recycling are accredited to the BSI PAS100 compost assurance scheme for compost production.

We work closely with local authorities, processing green waste from kerbside collections and Household Waste and Recycling Centres. In addition, we accept waste from tree surgeons and landscape gardeners.

The composting system is a simple process:

  • Green waste is shredded and screened to aid the breakdown.
  • The shredded green waste is placed into open windrows. These are long, low heaps which are wider at the bottom than the top. Windrows keep the material aerated, which results in good quality compost.
  • Once in windrows, the main composting process begins and nature gets to work. As the material decomposes it releases heat. Microbes, insects and fungi are all involved in breaking down the waste.
  • Machines turn the material regularly to mix it thoroughly and ensure it remains aerobic, as air is essential for composting to work correctly.
  • Temperatures reach 65ºc. The high temperatures effectively sterilize the compost destroying any pathogens and weed seeds that may have been present.
  • When temperatures fall and stabilize (approximately 12 weeks) the composting phase is complete.
  • The compost receives a final screening to remove any larger woody material. It is then ready for use.
  • Compost produced from green waste looks slightly different to that purchased at garden centres. It takes on a more natural soil like appearance. The compost produced by Mid-UK Recycling is used in agriculture in Lincolnshire and Rutland.