MRF Residues

MRF Residues

All commingled and dry mixed recycling Material Recycling Facilities (MRFs) produce a residual fraction of material referred to as MRF residues. This is the waste which is left over after the MRF has extracted the recyclables it is capable of extracting.

This residual fraction contains non-recyclable items, contaminated items and any recyclable items which the MRF was unable to extract. The volume of MRF residues generated depends on the efficiency of the MRF and the quality of the input materials.

Here at Mid-UK Recycling we can process MRF residues and extract remaining recyclable materials. Indeed, our Barkston MRF was originally designed specifically for this purpose!

The non-recyclable element is then transferred via a conveyor belt directly into one of our renewable fuels production units, where it is processed into solid recovered fuel (SRF).