Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

"Turning waste into an energy resource"

Mid-UK Recycling has a long history of producing alternative fuels and is the UK’s largest independent producer of solid recovered fuel (SRF).

SRF is a solid fuel prepared to demanding UK and EU standards from non-hazardous wastes, to be used as an energy source. With limited fossil fuel resources combined with the fight against climate change, SRF represents a real alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Composed of residual, non-recyclable waste materials from household recycling waste and general industrial and commercial waste, SRF represents an energy resource for a growing number of energy users in the UK and throughout Europe.

By producing these fuels Mid-UK Recycling are avoiding sending waste to landfill, thereby protecting the environment, preserving virgin materials and boosting the environmental credentials of our clients and customers.

Our range of fuel products are tailored to the needs of the end users, primarily cement kilns. We produce a wide specification of fuels which are available loose or baled and wrapped.

Mid-UK Recycling operate six fuel production plants, located at our Barkston and Caythorpe sites. This high level of production ensures that we can supply a range of fuels to our customers 24 hours per day, seven days per week. 

The environment and the future of energy for the UK is something we are passionate about at Mid-UK Recycling which is why we have invested and will continue to invest in producing high quality renewable fuels from the waste we receive. For further details on the range of renewable fuels we produce please contact us.